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Mackup: Keep your Mac application settings in sync

07 Apr 2013

Yesterday, I had a talk with Zach Zaro, complaining about the pain it is to reconfigure our Macbook each time we get a new one or install from scratch. That’s a talk we already had months ago.

I change my workstation every X months. Each time I either loose the configuration of all the apps I use, or I just waste a bunch of hours getting setup like I was on my old box. I also spent a lot of time reconfiguring the same stuff again on all my workstations (home, work)


Some people tried to solve the problem on the application layer, like Github’s Boxen, but I feel like it solves a non problem: I don’t really spend time installing stuff, mostly downloading: I spend time configuring it.

For years, I’ve used a personnal shell script that was copying known config files into Subversion, Git or Dropbox, and linked them into my home. But, I felt a lot of us had the same problem: Making a more generic tool could help others and I could get help from others to support more apps.

So here comes Mackup, the little tool that will sync all your application configs to Dropbox.

It’s GPL of course.